Sonntag, August 07, 2011

حوری هفت‌متری!

حضرات مؤمنين (نه‌مؤمنات) توجّه بفرمايند، ايدون:
اگرچه يادمون نرفته که به شما بندگان بندتمبان‌پرست، قول «حوری هفتادمتری» داده بوديم، عجالةً اين يه‌دونه هفت‌متری‌شو داشته باشين، تا برسيم به الباقی‌ش! که يعنی: به نيّت 14معصوم، چارده تن زرشک طلب‌تون!
ضمناً لازمه از برادران خيّر ساکن شيکاگو تشکّر بکنيم که عکس حوری‌شونو قرض داده‌ن که با نشون‌دادن به شما امّت ملنگ، سرتونو شيره بماليم...
ايدون باد!ا

Marilyn Monroe Sculpture unveiled in Chicago
Marilyn Monroe Sculpture unveiled in Chicago The formerly mysterious top half of a 26-foot statue of Marilyn Monroe in Chicago was revealed to the public Friday. The bottom half of the sculpture, which depicts Monroe's subway-grate stance from "The Seven Year Itch," was revealed earlier in the week, but the top half had remained covered, sparking speculation that the face at the top may not be that of the famed actress, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday. However, the full sculpture, by New Jersey artist Seward Johnson, was revealed to the public Friday as a faithful recreation of Monroe's image. The statue, installed at Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue, was sponsored by Zeller Realty Group.

People pose for pictures with 'Forever Marilyn', a sculpture by Seward Johnson, on July 15, 2011 at Pioneer Plaza in Chicago. Inspired by Marilyn MonroeÕs iconic pose from the 1955 movie 'Seven Year Itch', the stainless steel and aluminum sculpture stands 26 feet tall and weighs 34,000 pounds and will be on display through the spring of 2012.

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